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Home MobilesMobiles Features Agence France-Presse, 27 February 2017 Highlights Samsung had no device of its own to show at MWC 2017
Huawei unveiled the P10 and P10 Plus, while LG launched the G6
Nokia presented three new Android smartphones China's Huawei, LG and other phone firms unveiled new smartphones on Sunday as they tried to capitalise on Samsung's withdrawal of its flagship device after faulty batteries led several of the handsets to catch fire.
Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone maker, had no device of its own to show at the week-long Mobile World Congress, the phone industry's largest annual trade fair, in Barcelona in northeastern Spain, its usual showcase.
The company is taking its time to put out a new handset after it was forced to recall millions of its Galaxy Note 7 phones and discontinue the model in October.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Set for March 29
The delay in putting out a new phone comes as its parent firm, South Korean conglomerate Samsung Group, is caught up in a corruption scandal that saw its chief arrested last week.
Apple, the world's second largest smartphone maker, as usual steered clear of the event, leaving smaller phone makers with a rare opportunity to grab the spotlight at the fair.
China's Huawei, which has taken aim in recent years at both Samsung and Apple in the high end of the market, presented a new flagship model, the P10 and the larger P10 Plus on Sunday, the eve of the official start of the fair on Monday.
The devices feature dual Leica rear camera lenses, a longer-lasting battery and fingerprint sensor system.
But the upgrades would not be enough for the company to close the gap with its main rivals, Samsung and Apple, said Thomas Husson, consumer devices analyst at Forrester Research.
“Huawei is a brand that lacks a strong personality, especially in the United States and in Western Europe,” he said.
The company managed to gain some ground on Samsung and Apple last year, increasing its share of the smartphone sector to 8.9 percent in 2016 from 7.3 percent a year earlier, according to the Gartner consultancy group.
Samsung saw its market share shrink over the same period by two full percentage points to 20.5 percent and Apple contracted to 14.4 percent from 15.9 percent.
Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's consumer business group, reaffirmed that the company's goal is to become the world's number one smartphone seller “maybe in five years”.
“We are focused on the goal of becoming the market leader, we hope to get there,” he told AFP on the sidelines of the presentation of the new phones.
Veteran brands return
South Korea's LG unveiled a new flagship model that is designed for split-screen use so that can show two apps at once. It also has dual rear cameras.
LG G6 Battery Design Influenced by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Troubles
Chinese telecoms giant ZTE unveiled what it said is the world's first smartphone compatible with the lightening-fast 5G mobile Internet service that networks expect to have up and running by 2020.
Two former big name phone brands – Nokia and Blackberry – also unveiled new devices on the eve of the congress as they attempt to make a comeback.
Nokia presented three new Android smartphones and showcased a revamped version of its iconic 3310 model more than a decade after it was phased out.
Nokia at MWC 2017: Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, and All Other Nokia Announcements
BlackBerry debuted a new high-end device, the KEYone, that brings back the brand's signature physical keyboard and has a larger screen than previous models.
Like Nokia, its new phones will be made under licence by a Chinese manufacturer.
Sales poised to peak
While Samsung did not present a new smartphone, it did present two new tablets with improved screens, battery life and speakers.
The congress comes as smartphone sales in developed markets, mainly Western Europe and North America, are poised to peak this year, according to research firm CCS Insight.
“Unless we see a major new disruption similar to the one prompted by the Iphone's arrival in 2007, we expect smartphone sales in Western Europe and North America to slowly decline after 2017,” said CCS analyst Jasdeep Badyal.
CCS predicts the global phone market will reach 2.35 billion units in 2019, up from 1.96 billion in 2014.
Nokia 3310 (2017) Launch: Dumbphones Survive Rise of the Smartphone Nokia Sees Growth Opportunities in India, Japan, US Networks Markets

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Home MobilesMobiles Features Agence France-Presse, 27 February 2017 Highlights Nokia unveiled a revamped version of the iconic 3310 at MWC 2017
400 million feature phones were sold in 2016
Nokia's original 3310 sold nearly 120 million units worldwide Dumbphones – handsets that just make calls and send texts – were set to disappear as technology moved on, but they have survived in emerging markets and among nostalgics of simpler devices in the West.
Their continued appeal was underscored on Sunday in Barcelona on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress, the world's biggest mobile expo, as Nokia unveiled a revamped version of its iconic Nokia 3310 model, more than a decade after it was phased out.
Nokia 3310 Reboot at MWC 2017: The Top Seven Features to Look Out For
Dumbphones remain useful to telecom operators to “relaunch or accelerate” mobile phone use as they are relatively inexpensive, said Julien Miniconi, a telecoms expert at consulting firm Wavestone.
“It makes sense especially in countries where the network is not great,” he added.
Last year 1.5 billion smartphones were sold around the world, according to research firm Gartner.
But the dumbphone market is still significant, with nearly 400 million sold in 2016.
Nokia Sold 35 Million Feature Phones in 2016: Strategy Analytics
In certain emerging markets such as India, their sales still outstrip smartphones.
Basic phones accounted for over 55 percent of all mobiles sold the third quarter of 2016 in the world's second most populous country, according to the International Data Corporation, a market research firm.
And dumbphone sales are continuing to rise in this major market by about four percent per year.
In India, the iPhone Has an Unlikely New Challenger: Feature Phones
'Deluge of emails'
Even in developed nations where the telecom market is mature, the phones continue to sell.
“Today they are niche markets, either for those looking for vintage or for those who are anti mobile internet or old people,” said Thomas Husson, a mobile analyst at Forrester, a research group.
Young kids also use them as a first phone. Some people use them as secondary phone to lend to visiting friends and family from another country and avoid roaming charges.
British actor Eddie Redmayne, who won an Oscar in 2015 for his role as scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”, made headlines as he became the latest in a growing band of smartphone refuseniks.
Nokia at MWC 2017: Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, and All Other Nokia Announcements
“It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours. The deluge of emails was constant and I found myself trying to keep up in real time, at the expense of living in the moment,” the 35-year-old said of his decision to go back to a less sophisticated phone.
Within any age group, it's not hard to find people who refuse to join the smartphone revolution.
“I have no interest in a smartphone – it's expensive, fragile and I don't see the use for it,” said Sandrine, 39, a Paris-based illustrator.
“There is also the whole commercial aspect as well, with the need to update phones all the time, without mentioning the opacity of work conditions in China” where many smartphones are made, she added.
'Halo effect'
Germany's Deutsche Telekom includes several basic phones in its catalogue to meet the needs of clients “who just want to be reachable”, said a spokeswoman for the operator.
The original Nokia 3310 sold nearly 120 million units worldwide, making it one of the world's best-selling mobiles, but it is unlikely the revamped version unveiled Sunday, which includes internet access, will post similar sales.
HMD Global, the Finnish startup which bought the rights to the Nokia brand last year and is making the phones, is seeking publicity for the three other smartphones which it unveiled alongside the new 3310, said Forrester analyst Thomas Husson.
“It is a way to create a halo effect around the other models by reviving talk about the Nokia brand,” he said.
Ian Fogg, head of mobile at research firm IHS, said that HMD, as a startup, “needs to leverage the warm memories (of the Nokia 3310) and show that they are innovating too. They don't want to be seen as a heritage brand.”
Nokia 3310 (2017)KEY SPECSNEWSDisplay2.40-inchFront CameraNoResolution240x320 pixelsOSSeries 30 Storage16MBRear Camera2-megapixelBattery Capacity1200mAhNokia 3310 (2017) Launch: Dumbphones Survive Rise of the Smartphone
Nokia 3310 Reboot at MWC 2017: Top Seven Features You Shouldn't Miss
Nokia 3310 Reboot With Month-Long Battery Life, Snake Game Launched at MWC 2017
More Nokia mobilesNokia mobiles price in India Zootopia Wins Oscar for Best Animated Feature at 89th Academy Awards MWC 2017: LG, Huawei, and Others Aim to Fill Samsung Gap With New Mobiles

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Home MobilesMobiles Features Agence France-Presse, 26 February 2017 Highlights BlackBerry on Saturday launched its last smartphone – KEYone
It has been manufactured by TCL and costs $549
The BlackBerry KEYone will be available towards beginning April Chinese electronics company TCL unveiled Saturday its first BlackBerry-licensed smartphone which brings back the device's signature physical keyboard as it seeks to revive the once mighty brand.
The KEYone phone has a larger screen than previous BlackBerry devices and a fast charging battery as TCL sets its sights on businesses and tries to rekindle BlackBerry's strong reputation for productivity and security.
TCL reached the brand-licensing deal in December after the Canadian company announced that it would halt in-house production of smartphones, marking the end of an era for the once-dominant tech firm.
BlackBerry KEYone Specifications
Under the agreement, BlackBerry will remain in control of software and security on smartphones, while TCL will handle creating handsets powered by Google Android software.
Officials from both firms unvailed the KEYone in Barcelona in northeastern Spain ahead of the start on Monday of the four-day Mobile World Congress, the world's largest annual phone expo.
BlackBerry worked closely with TCL to build security into the new device, said Alex Thurber, the general manager of BlackBerry's mobility solutions unit.
“At BlackBerry we live and breathe security. Security has been engineered into the entire manufacturing process, throughout the hardware and of course the software,” he said.
BlackBerry's physical keyboard was one of the drivers of the popularity of its earlier phones but it was dropped once touch screens became popular.

The company in 2014 launched a “Classic” smartphone that brought back the keyboard but the device was discontinued in July.
In the new Blackberry phone the keyboard can be used for more than just typing.
The spacebar on the keyboard also doubles as a fingerprint sensor while individual letter keys can be programmed as shortcuts to open speficic apps.
The KEYone will go on sale around the globe in April at a cost of EUR 599 ($549 or roughly Rs. 38,600).
MWC 2017: Nokia 3310, Nokia 8, Moto G5, LG G6, and Other Launches to Expect at the Event
“The new BlackBerry portfolio has a chance of success, because few companies now offer BlackBerry-style design and features, and the productivity-focused smartphone segment is underserved,” said Ian Fogg, head of mobile at research firm IHS.
“Even if BlackBerry's smartphone share remains so low it is hard to quantify, the vast scale of the smartphone market – over 1.5 billion units will ship in 2017 – means even a tiny share would represent significant unit volumes and revenues,” he added.
TCL said it would be coming out with new BlackBerry products later this year.
“What we are unveiling today is just the beginning of a new story,” said TCL chief executive Nicolas Zibell.
BlackBerry once dominated the smartphone market but its luster faded after the introduction in 2007 of the Apple iPhone and the large number of low-cost Android devices that followed.
BlackBerry KEYoneKEY SPECSNEWSDisplay4.50-inchProcessor2GHz octa-coreFront Camera8-megapixelResolution1620x1080 pixelsRAM3GBOSAndroid 7.1Storage32GBRear Camera12-megapixelBattery Capacity3505mAhBlackBerry KEYone: Signature QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone Returns Running Android
BlackBerry KEYone, the 'Last Smartphone Designed by BlackBerry', Launched at MWC 2017 for $549
More BlackBerry mobilesBlackBerry mobiles price in India Nokia MWC 2017 Event: Rumoured Price, Specifications, and How to Watch Live Stream LG G6 Revealed in All Its Glory by Qualcomm Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch

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Home MobilesMobiles News Tasneem Akolawala, 26 February 2017 Highlights LG G6 live event will start at 4.30pm IST
The smartphone will sport a dual camera setup
The LG G6 is going to be integrates with Google Assistant LG G6 is all set to launch at MWC 2017, with LG finally taking the wraps of its 2017 flagship. The device is set to be water and dust resistant, have a large display real estate, and will boast a dual camera setup at the back. LG's MWC event is scheduled to begin at 12pm CET (4:30pm IST) on Sunday, and users worldwide will be able to watch the event live.
How to watch LG G6 live stream
LG's event will be live streamed on its YouTube channel here. If you're watching the stream, we recommend you to be in a strong Wi-Fi connection for seamless broadcast. Gadgets 360 will also be on ground zero covering the event as it happens.
MWC 2017: Nokia 3310, Nokia 8, Moto G5, LG G6, and Other Launches to Expect at the Event
LG G6 features
Just a few days ago, tipster Evan Blass gave us official renders of the LG G6 revealing what the phone is expected to look like. The device has an almost bezel-less front with no Home Button seen anywhere. The fingerprint scanner is situated at the back, right below the dual camera setup. The back has a glossy black finish, and appears to be all-glass, appearing set to take on the iPhone 7's Jet Black colour variant. The antenna band is seen on the metal edges with the volume buttons housed on the right edge. The form factor is said to be the same as the predecessor LG G5, but the display real estate has increased resulting to a 5.7-inch display. In comparison, the LG G5 just had a 5.3-inch panel.
Nokia MWC 2017 Event: Rumoured Price, Specifications, and How to Watch Live Stream
The LG G6 will sport a new UX 6.0 with many tweaks. Notably, the Camera UI will completely be changed and will have a new square capture mode which will allow you to click and preview square-shaped images on one screen (thanks to more room on display). It is also going to be water and dust resistant, as teased by LG earlier, and will come with wireless charging capabilities.
LG G6 specifications
As mentioned, the LG G6 has been teased extensively in the past, and the company has already confirmed a large bezel-less display. The device is expected to sport a 5.7-inch QHD (1440×2880 pixels) display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and pixel density of 564ppi. The smartphone was expected to sport the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC, but now it is tipped to come with a Snapdragon 821 SoC as Samsung has grabbed the rights to first launch the processor with the Galaxy S8.
As for optics, the LG G6 will sport a Leica branded dual camera setup at the back (two 13-megapixel lenses), and is expected to offer a 125-degree wide-angle view at the back. A fresh teaser confirms this, while also further goes on to say that the setup won't bulge out of the frame, and will sit in line – which means no camera bump. It is expected to pack a battery larger than 3200mAh. It is also tipped to come in White, Black, and Platinum Colour Options. The big highlight is rumoured Google Assistant integration, making it the only the smartphone to come with it, apart from the Pixel devices launched last year.
Moto G5, G5 Plus at MWC 2017 – Rumoured Price, Specifications, and How to Watch Live Stream
LG G6 price
According to an earlier report, the LG G6 is expected to priced in the same vicinity as its predecessor – somewhere between $500 to $600 (roughly Rs. 34,000 to Rs.41,000).
LG G6 release date
There is no official word on release date, but we expect it to hit main markets like the US, and Europe soon after unveil. We are just hours away from the official launch, where the pricing, availability, release date, and specifications will all be officially unveiled.
LG G6KEY SPECSNEWSDisplay5.70-inchFront Camera5-megapixelResolution1440x2880 pixelsRAM4GBOSAndroid 7.0Storage32GBRear Camera13-megapixelBattery Capacity3300mAhLG G6 vs Google Pixel XL vs OnePlus 3T
LG G6 With 5.7-Inch FullVision Display, Google Assistant Launched at MWC 2017
LG G6 Revealed in All Its Glory by Qualcomm Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch
LG G6 at MWC 2017: How to Watch Live Stream and Everything We Know So Far
More LG mobilesLG mobiles price in India Tasneem Akolawala Email Tasneem When not expelling tech wisdom, Tasneem feeds on good stories that strike on all those emotional chords. She loves road trips, a good laugh, and interesting people. … More
BlackBerry KEYone, the 'Last Smartphone Designed by BlackBerry', Launched at MWC 2017 for $549 Moto G5, G5 Plus at MWC 2017 – Rumoured Price, Specifications, and How to Watch Live Stream MESSAGE Tasneem Akolawala Fields marked with * are mandatory From: * Email: Message: * 2000

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iPhone muggers turn to phishing to access the device
Her husband told Krebs on Security that he located the device using Find my iPhone and sent it text messages asking if he could buy it back. After that, he began receiving texts telling him that his iPhone had been found — all he needed to do was …

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Jessica Dolcourt

February 25, 2017 11:15 AM PST


This April, the BlackBerry KeyOne will come into the market as a high-end phone — the first with both Android 7.1 Nougat software and a QWERTY keyboard. But when it does, it'll face staunch competition from a bevy of Android phones that have large touchscreens and premium hardware, from all-metal bodies to powerful processors and cutting-edge camera tech.
So how will the KeyOne stack up? We can never answer that question for sure without thorough testing (we'll have to wait until April for that), but we can take a peek at the specs versus other phones.
Without question, the KeyOne is unique. It's the only one with that physical keyboard, and has some other interesting software perks besides. But its single camera will compete with the dual camera setup on some premium phones, like the iPhone 7. It isn't water-resistant, and has a lower-powered processor than both the Google Pixel an..

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Home MobilesMobiles News Sanket Vijayasarathy, 25 February 2017 Photo Credit: @evleaks/ Twitter
Highlights LG G6 will come in White, Black and Platinum colours
White and Black options could feature glossy finish
The LG G6 will be launched on February 26 With just a couple of days to go for MWC 2017, one can expect the leaks to pour in from all sides. LG's flagship G6 is among the most anticipated devices to be unveiled on Sunday and some final set of leaked details can be expected before the official announcement. The most recent one comes from none other than prolific tipster Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), who tweeted the LG G6 in its variety of colour options. LG's MWC event is scheduled to begin at 12pm CET (4:30pm IST) on Sunday.
Blass' tweet reveals that the upcoming LG G6 smartphone will be available in Mystic White, Astro Black, and Ice Platinum colours. From all the leaks so far, there is little left to the imagination as far as the design of the G6 is concerned. We know that LG is going for a near bezel-less design with slim bezels on the top, bottom and the sides.
MWC 2017: What to Expect from Nokia, Moto, LG, Jio, and Others
On Wednesday, Blass shared a press render of the LG G6, which pretty much confirmed all the past leaks. The minimal front of the G6 sees no sign of the Home Button, while the back features a dual camera setup with a fingerprint scanner just below. The back also seems to sport a glossy finish and rumours of a iPhone 7-like Jet Black colour for the G6 might just be the Astro Black.
The Mystic White colour option will likely have a glossy finish as well. Meanwhile, the Ice Platinum variant looks to have a smooth metallic finish and will likely be the only metallic variant for the LG G6. Earlier this week, LG showed off its flagship to select users for first impressions ahead of the official unveil, with many praising the device's design, aesthetics, and FullVision display.
Will Bezel-Less Smartphones Become the Big Tech Trend of 2017?
A separate leak also teased the new camera UI for the LG G6 with a square capture mode as one of its major highlights. The feature reduces the viewfinder to a square, allowing the bottom half of the screen to act as a preview for the images that you take. This means you won't have to leave the camera app every time you want to see the images that you've captured. The feature looks to make good use of the flagship's 18:9 display.
The LG G6 has been teased by the company to sport a FullVision display with a new UX 6.0, Quad DAC support, dust and water resistance, and a dual camera setup with two 13-megapixel sensors, a battery larger than 3200mAh, among others. The LG G6 is is set to launch on February 26 at MWC in Barcelona.
LG G6KEY SPECSNEWSDisplay5.70-inchResolution1440x2560 pixelsRAM4GBOSAndroid 7.0Storage32GBBattery Capacity3200mAhLG G6 Revealed in All Its Glory by Qualcomm Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch
LG G6 at MWC 2017: How to Watch Live Stream and Everything We Know So Far
LG G6 Leak Reveals White, Black, and Platinum Colour Options Ahead of MWC 2017
LG G6 New Camera UI Teased; Press Render Leaked Ahead of MWC 2017
More LG mobilesLG mobiles price in India Sanket Vijayasarathy Email Sanket When not indulging in reading or writing, Sanket fanboys over The Flash, Star Wars, Coldplay, and U2. A techie by day and TV show junkie by night, he believes both go … More
Nokia 3310 Reboot Tipped to Run Series 30+ Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch MESSAGE Sanket Vijayasarathy Fields marked with * are mandatory From: * Email: Message: * 2000

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Apple Keeps Quiet as the iPhone and iPad Rumors Get Louder
Another week, another iPhone rumor. This time around, Reuters is reporting that Apple could offer several improvements in an iPhone released later this year, including higher-resolution screens, wireless charging, and 3D sensors. The news comes after a …
This week's top stories: Red iPhone 7, Apple Park, 3D iPhone 8 camera, more9 to 5 Mac
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Home AppsApps News Shekhar Thakran, 25 February 2017 Highlights Tagline feature is currently hidden in beta version of app
Tagline will not replace the newly-introduced status feature
Users will get privacy settings for Tagline feature WhatsApp recently rolled out its new Status feature to users worldwide but notably, with the new Stories-like status feature, the messaging application replaced the old text form of status. Now, leaked beta update changes have suggested that the Facebook-owned company might be bringing back the text statuses to the chat application with a future update.
Some screenshots shared by Twitter user WABetaInfo, who has previously provided several correct leaks regarding WhatsApp, indicate that WhatsApp might bring the old text statuses back with a new feature to the app called 'Tagline'. With the leaked Tagline feature, just like before, users appear to be able put up a message with text and emojis on their profile.
The leaked WhatsApp beta screenshots do not indicate that there will be any major changes to the text status feature from before but it will seemingly exist alongside the new Status feature that allows users to post a small video or an image as their temporary status for duration of 24 hours. The leaked images further suggest that users will be provided with privacy settings – introduced with the new Status feature – for the Tagline feature as well.
The Tagline feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo on the beta version on iPhone, and beta version 2.17.82 on Windows Phone. The tipster has also said that Tagline feature will also make its way to Android. Importantly, the feature is hidden as of now and there is a possibility that it might or might not make it to the app eventually.
Considering that several users were left disappointed as their WhatsApp text statuses got replaced, the Tagline feature will be a welcome addition to the app. However, it might have been simpler for the company to just leave text statuses in their old form and introduce the new Stories-like status feature with a new name (food for thought maybe). Please let us know your thoughts on the possible comeback of text statuses as 'Tagline' in comments below.
Smartron Said to Launch Sachin Tendulkar-Branded Smartphone Soon SoftBank, Foxconn to Deepen Ties With Joint Venture

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