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According to a new research report released by the Blancco Technology Group, the failure rate on Apple’s iPhone is far greater than it is on competing Android devices. Not only that, but the failure rate experienced by iOS users has only increased with each passing quarter over the past year.

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For some quick context, a smartphone failure for purposes of the study refers to instances when a device, for any reason, doesn’t operate as intended. This broad category, as a result, encompasses a wide variety of system issues, including camera problems, touchscreen malfunctions, battery charging issues and a number of other performance hiccups.

As for specific failure rates, the report indicates that iOS devices during the last quarter of 2016 experienced a failure rate of 62%. By way of contrast, Android smartphones during the same quarter saw a failure rate of 47%. Also of note is that Apple’s iPhone 6 continues to be the worst offe..

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