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Photograph by Getty ImagesFortune 500Microsoft Just Killed This App for Apple’s iPhone and iPadJonathan VanianJul 31, 2017There’s now one less digital keyboard for Apple iPhone and iPad users to choose from for typing text messages and emails.
Microsoft (msft) is no longer updating its Word Flow digital keyboard for iOS-powered mobile devices, according to Microsoft.
The app, which debuted in April, 2016, was created by Microsoft’s Garage research team to make it easier to enter text on iPhones and iPads, including a mode that let people write messages using only one hand. The team included auto-correct and auto-complete features that it felt were better than Apple’s own digital keyboard.
“The Word Flow experiment is now complete!” Microsoft said in an updated product description for Word Flow on Monday that was spotted by tech news site WindowsCentral.
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Microsoft is now urging people who visit the Word Flow product page to instead downlo..

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Guilherme Rambo

The next iPhone — the one with the bezel-less screen that leaked out in the HomePod code over the weekend — might be getting a massive jump in screen resolution in addition to the revamped design, according to a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith. According to Troughton-Smith, there are references in the code for an upcoming iPhone with a functional resolution of 1125 x 2436, a number that gels with an existing rumor back in February from typically reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

As the mockup from 9to5Mac shows below, Kuo’s number assumes that a portion of the rumored 5.8-inch display will be portioned off as a virtual home button / function area, leaving a 5.15-inch chunk of the display as a functional screen.


Assuming all this is true, then the iPhone 8 will offer a display that’s an order of magnitude better than current iOS devices. An iPhone 7, with a 1334 × 750 resolution on a 4.7-inch display offers what Apple calls a “Retina display” ..

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Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models this fall, which we keep calling iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8. The latter is the most exciting of the three, and it’s also the most likely of them not to be called iPhone 8. There are various name versions that we’ve heard, including iPhone Pro or iPhone X, but they’re yet to be confirmed. Apple, meanwhile, did leak a bunch of things about the next-gen iPhones, but it hasn’t mentioned their names yet. And it’s likely that your usual suspects won’t deliver it until Apple actually launches it.

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Months before Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 last year, the AirPods, and the MacBook Pro with a TouchBar, a lawyer discovered trademarks for all these products. Apple registered them in Jamaica, one of the countries that do not list these trademarks online. But, as Bloomberg explains, a lawyer was more than willing to go to Jamaica in person and perform Apple-related searches. Tha..

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Unraveling The Secret History Of The iPhone
Thus, many tend to associate the iPhone (or the iPod or iPad) primarily with Steve Jobs, or with Jobs and Jony Ive. The truth is, there were many different teams composed of many different brilliant designers, engineers, and programmers who made huge …
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Chris Matyszczyk

July 31, 2017 10:11 AM PDT


Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.
Does she know great photography? Is that why she bought an iPhone?
What makes a photograph better?
Not an Android phone, apparently.
This, at least, seems to be the view of former Google executive Vic Gundotra. In a spirited chat on Facebook on with the social network's strategic accounts manager Ravi Belwal and others, Gundotra uttered these powerful words: “I would never use an Android phone for photos!”

This might seem odd coming from the man who powered Google+ to notoriety before becoming CEO of health care company AliveCor. Gundotra, though, laid out his thesis in detail.
The problem, he said, was Android. The minute Samsung tries to create innovative photographic capabilities, it has to deal with Google's operating system.
“When Samsung innovates with the underlying hardware (like a bette..

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If there’s one graphic designer whose work you have to check out before a hotly anticipated product comes out, it’s Martin Hajek. He has been “visualizing the future in 3D one rendering at a time” for years now, and he’s back with a bunch of new iPhone 8 images. Thanks to a major iPhone 8 leak this past weekend that came directly from Apple, it’s fair to say that Hajek’s designs are very close to what we can expect from this year’s iPhone 8. However, he also made one huge mistake when cooking up his latest creation.

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Even without the unexpected leak that came from Apple, Hajek’s new iPhone 8 renders would have been believable, given that they’re made using the most recent rumors out there as guides.

Image Source: Martin Hajek

However, there are a few rumors Hajek did not pay attention to, the ones that said Apple isn’t likely to launch any iPhone 8 models this year that have white faces. We..

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Boxes of iPhones worth €500,000 were stolen from a moving delivery truck in the Netherlands, police say.
Photograph: Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS


Real life Fast and Furious: iPhones worth £450k stolen from moving truck

Dutch police arrest five men for allegedly using a modified van to break into and steal from a moving smartphone delivery van

Dutch police have arrested five men suspected of stealing €500,000 (£448,000) of iPhones in a dangerous late-night heist from a moving truck akin to action scenes from Fast and Furious.

Dutch police said that the five men, aged from 33 to 43 and all from Romania, allegedly raided a delivery truck full of iPhones on the A73 highway near Horst on the night of 24 July. Using a modified van, they drove close enough to the back of the truck to allow one of the suspects to climb onto it and break in through the doors while it was being driven down the road.

The suspect then passed boxes of Apple’s iPhone from the delivery truck into the modifie..

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Google's former senior vice president of social, Vic Gundotra, recently made remarks on Facebook about the advantages of Apple's iPhone ecosystem, specifically pertaining to the iOS Camera app and the quality of photos it creates (via Business Insider).

Image via Business Insider

He said that the “end of the DSLR era” has arrived, and shared pics he took of his family recently with an iPhone 7 as an example.

The end of the DSLR for most people has already arrived. I left my professional camera at home and took these shots at dinner with my iPhone 7 using computational photography (portrait mode as Apple calls it). Hard not to call these results (in a restaurant, taken on a mobile phone with no flash) stunning. Great job Apple. Gundotra's original post received a comment that said Samsung's Galaxy S8 was a better photography tool than the iPhone 7, to which he commented with a detailed response explaining why he believes that's not the case. Specifically, t..

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Don't try this: Thieves steal iPhones from moving truck
8 Hours Ago | 00:48

Dutch police arrested five Romanian men suspected of stealing iPhones worth 500,000 euros ($590,000) in a dangerous heist on a moving truck, a spokesman said Monday.

The five men, aged from 33 to 43, allegedly stole the iPhones in a late-night raid a week ago by driving a modified van so close to the delivery truck that one of the suspects was able to clamber across the van's hood and break into the truck while it drove along a Dutch road, said police spokesman Ed Kraszewski. He said the suspect then passed boxes of iPhones back to the van through a hole cut in its roof.

Kraszewski said police have long been investigating thefts from trucks but remained skeptical that such a heist could succeed. Not anymore.

“The truck was taking its..

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Apple's own smart speaker appears to have given away its upcoming iPhone.

At least two major features of the iPhone 8 have been revealed by the software for its HomePod speaker, according to developers.

The new iPhone – which will be revealed next month but might not be widely available until near Christmas – will have a display that goes all the way to the edges and special infrared scanners so that it can see people's faces and let them into their phone.

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Everything you need to know about the next iPhone – or iPhones

Those scanners appear to have been revealed by a whole set of software that's referred to in the code as BKFaceDetect, along with other similar names. BK likely stands for BiometricKit, since Apple tends to use the “Kit” name for pieces of software that developers can access.

That same software seems to make reference to infrared imagery, indicating that at least one of the cameras used will rely on the technology. That will allow the phone..

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