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iPhone 8 Exclusive: Apple's Design Causes A Problem
In recent weeks I have been able to obtain exclusive iPhone 8 renders and information on Apple's AAPL -0.69% biggest design changes, but now I can reveal they do cause one negative side effect… Working again with Nodus and leakers within Apple's …
Apple earnings: How long will iPhone sales be on 'pause'?MarketWatch
Apple rumored to delay launch of iPhone 8 and could cost manufacturing problems threaten salesThis is Money
It's on its way…Everything you need to know about the next
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5 Reasons A $1400 iPhone Is (Mostly) Crazy
Over at the Wall Street Journal, the often insightful Christopher Mims argues in favor of the alleged $1,400 iPhone. While little has been confirmed about Apple's new flagship phone due in fall, a number of analysts and supply-chain sources have …
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Planned obsolescence has long been a consumer expense and irritation. Now brand-name profiteers are pushing a new abuse: Repair prevention. This treacherous corporate scheme does more than gouge buyers on the original purchase. Using both legal ruses and digital lockdowns, major manufacturers are quietly attempting to outlaw the natural instinct of us humanoids to fiddle with and improve the material things we own in order to charge us to fix it. Indeed, the absurdity and arrogance of their overreach is even more basic: They’re out to corporatize the very idea of “owning.”
Chances are you’ve bought an Apple iPad, Chevy Malibu, Amazon Kindle, Samsung TV, GE Frigidaire or some other brand-name consumer product equipped with a dazzling array of digital doodads. And in doing so, you unwittingly consented to the corporation’s repair-prevention “gotcha” tucked into its license agreement. But in addition to deceiving and/or intimidating buyers into believing they’re legally required to trek t..

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Rick Broida

July 30, 2017 5:15 AM PDT


The aluminum, $180 Nokia 6 (right) looks and feels as solid as the $800 iPhone 6s Plus.
I've been an iPhone user since the beginning. Occasionally I've dabbled in Android, but my brain just likes iOS better.
My wallet, however, is increasingly frustrated. Although I've been perfectly happy with my iPhone 6S Plus, which I purchased nearly two years ago, the $849 price tag caused me considerable pain. Today's equivalent — the 7 Plus with 128GB — would run me $869.
So when the time comes for a new phone, can I really justify that kind of expense again? Especially when there are countless Android-based phones that cost considerably less? The widely praised OnePlus 5, for example, starts at $479, while the similarly well-regarded Motorola Moto G5 Plus comes in at just $230.
Of course, phones like these couldn't possibly match an $800-plus iPhone, could they?

I decided to find out.
The $18..

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When Wang Tingting, a Shanghai sales assistant, ditched her iPhone 5 last year for a Huawei P9 Plus, she noticed little difference: Both phones run WeChat, the app she and millions of other Chinese consumers use the most.

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“I don't miss the iPhone at all,” said Ms. Wang, 24 years old.

That sentiment undermines Apple Inc.'s efforts in its largest market outside the U.S., just as it is expected to launch its much-anticipated 10th-anniversary iPhone this fall.

The WeChat app from Tencent Holdings Ltd., with nearly one billion monthly active users, alone has captured nearly 35% of China's smartphone users' entire monthly time on mobile apps, according to data from QuestMobile.

Fans like Ms. Wang use WeChat to message friends, pay restaurant bills, hail cabs, play games and stream videos. This year, WeChat added “mini programs.” This feature allows users to access apps stored in the cloud, so the apps can be used without being download..

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Let Your iPhone Tell You When to Go to Bed
Aside from an iPhone, there are no fussy gadgets to buy. There's nothing to attach to your body or install beside your pillow. Absent as well are frills like detailed reports of how long you spent in REM sleep. The bedtime reminder isn't even a …

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Wall Street Journal (subscription)
5 Reasons a $1400 iPhone Isn't Crazy
Wall Street Journal (subscription)
This September, Apple will unveil not just the usual two new iPhones, but also an ultra-deluxe 10th-anniversary model, according to reports from multiple analysts. They expect this device to include premium features like an OLED screen, 3-D imaging and …

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