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A South Korean report today revealed a very interesting factoid about the new iPhone 8 if it indeed pans out. According to the report "Samsung Electronics is set to shake markets for Smartphone parts once again. After deciding to apply integrated touch display to its strategic Smartphone that is expected to be released during first half of 2018, it has now decided to use 'SLP (Substrate Like PCB)' as the main board. SLP is a next-generation board that is applied with semiconductor package technology and this is the first time Samsung Electronics is applying SLP to its products. It is likely that this decision will bring enormous amount of impact on entire makers of Smartphone parts and components." It later noted that "It is heard that Apple also decided to use SLP for its new iPhone, which is expected to be released this fall, due to this strength of SLP." ETNews claims that it was confirmed that Samsung Electronics is planning to use SLP starting with Galaxy S9 that will be released in 2018.

The report further noted that "As Apple and Samsung Electronics, which are leading global Smartphone markets, decided to start using SLP for their upcoming Smartphones, main board manufacturers for Smartphones are set to face catastrophic impact." The report went one step further by claiming that "This indicates that businesses that have not secured semiconductor package technologies are likely to fall behind in the future and back-end industries are now in danger of losing businesses …"

Another Korean report on the matter added today that "The substrate-like PCB is an advanced version of the current HDI circuit board. The stacked design, among other things, drastically improves space efficiency for battery whose size is getting bigger and bigger for high-end phones."

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