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Guilherme Rambo

Another day, another possible iPhone 8 leak, as developer Guilherme Rambo continues to mine the accidentally leaked HomePod code for more information on Apple’s upcoming device. The latest from Rambo is that the iPhone 8 could leverage the widely rumored front-facing 3D sensor on the device to allow for the phone to detect whether or not a user is actively using the phone, and to silence notifications if you are (via 9to5Mac).

As to whether or not Rambo’s conclusions of the feature are correct, it’s certainly an interesting and useful sounding addition. After all, you probably don’t need your phone blasting your custom ringtone of The Office theme to let you know your boss is calling if you’re already holding your phone. Plus, if the rumor is true, it’d be another interesting way for Apple to use the additional new hardware in the device behind the speculated face unlock feature.

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