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We knew the iPhone 8 was going to be big, but we may now know exactly how large Apple’s next smartphone will be.

Next month, Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 8, a new smartphone that marks the 10th anniversary since the first Apple handset launched back in 2007. As part of the celebration, Apple is tipped to be plotting a major redesign of the iPhone, ushering in a new age of bezel-free Apple smartphones.

This supposedly slim-bezel design means the new all-screen front iPhone will have more display than usual, and we may now know how much. Thanks to the release of the firmware for the HomePod – Apple’s Siri-powered smart speaker – developers have been able to source all manner of details about Apple’s next smartphone.

The latest info comes from firmware-digging dev Steve Troughton-Smith, who has managed to uncover sizing details for the notch – the small bit of bezel that will stick out from the top of the screen, housing sensors and a front-facing camera.

These numbers mean that we now know that the iPhone will have a screen that measures 5.8 inches diagonally – at least according to the official HomePod firmware, anyway. That’s way bigger than the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 7, and even the 5.5-inch panel used on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Even more excitingly, the iPhone 8 body is expected to be even smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. This is reportedly going to be made possible by ditching the Home button – and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, too – and reducing the thickness of the bezel all around the display.

Based on Troughton-Smith’s new figures, here’s what that looks like:

This design looks identical to the dummy units we’ve been seeing leak out all over the web, so we’re fairly confident this is all legitimate. However, even if this information is solid, it’s possible (although incredibly unlikely) that the numbers don’t represent the final iPhone design. As always, take any pre-launch iPhone leak with due caution – we won’t know anything with absolute certainty until the official September announcement.

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