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Sketchy report says copper gold iPhone 8 may be called ‘Blush Gold’

– Aug. 13th 2017 11:14 am PT


It was reported last week that the iPhone 8 will come in a new copper gold color shade, alongside white and black. Now, a post on Chinese social sharing site Weibo claims Apple’s name for the color will be “Blush Gold.”

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Furthermore, the report claims that Apple will only offer the Blush Gold iPhone 8 in the 64GB and 128GB capacities. Apple currently limits the Jet Black iPhone 8 to the 128GB and 256GB capacities, but it’s a bit odd that the Blush Gold model would be limited to the 64GB and 128GB, not the highest end model.

The rumor was shared on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin, who cites a post on Weibo from a “Foxconn insider.” Considering the source, the claim should be taken with a pretty hefty grain of salt.

Foxconn’s internal name of the new #iPhone8 color is “Blush Gold” (腮红金) Barcode says “Blush Gold 64GB ..

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iPhone Earbuds That Let You Charge Your Phone While Listening To Music Or Talking
The major drawback with the lack of a headphone jack is that you can't use your wired earphones via the Lightning port and recharge your iPhone at the same time. That can be a real nuisance on a long journey when you need to top up your battery levels …

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Answer from Brian Merchant, Writer, editor, author of The One Device:
What is the secret history of the iPhone? There are (at least) two different ways to think about this question.
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An Apple iPhone 7 and the company logo are seen in this illustration photo taken in Bordeaux, France, February 1. New versions of the iPhone may be getting an OLED screen, according to reports on July 6.
The first is that there is a hidden history of the product inside Apple, which has long been obscured from view by the company’s strong predilection for secrecy. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the mid-to-late 90s, he exhibited a new penchant for secrecy, keeping the names and deeds of particular teams and t..

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Posted: Aug 13 2017 08:37AM EDT
Updated: Aug 13 2017 08:39AM EDT
Apple iPhone users beware: a new scam is tricking people into giving up their Apple passwords and other personal information.
Here’s how it works: after you freeze the account of your lost or stolen iPhone.
The scammer sends the victim a text, saying their old phone has been found.
The message also includes a link to a phony webpage asking for your Apple account login.
The scammer then uses it to access all the information on your account.
“I get a text message claiming that they were from Apple Support, that they found my iPhone,” a victim recalled. “So I clicked on the link and it looks like it's the Apple iCloud login information, but the URL at the top really didn't look like it was from Apple.”
The url to lookout for end in “xyz.”
Apple’s web address ends in “”
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Digital Trends
Gmail for iPhone will now protect you from scammers
Digital Trends
“Going forward, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message on your iPhone or iPad, we'll show the warning below,” Google said in a blog post outlining the new measure. “We recommend that you use caution before proceeding, because the link …
Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone 8: The Battle of Android and iOSValueWalk
Google rolls out anti-phishing mechanisms on Gmail app for iPhone usersFirstpost
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Each day brings the same struggle: I spot something I've deemed photo-worthy, pull out my phone, open the camera and am greeted with a blurred screen.

“Cannot Take Photo,” my phone taunts. Then it's a rush to decide what stays and what goes.

This is the reality of being a sentimental hoarder who can't bring herself to delete even a single photo of her dogs. Other things I cannot bring myself to delete include voicemails from older relatives and group chats that contain photos or video of any kind.

SEE ALSO: Here's how to take photos even when your phone is out of storage

Perhaps the most egregious instance of digital hoarding is my refusal to delete Flappy Bird. Never mind that the creator pulled the wildly popular game from iTunes in 2014 with no plans to revive it. Never mind that I never play it. Never mind that my high score is a paltry 43 and, to be honest, is the work of a patient friend.

That dumb little game will travel from phone to phone with me fo..

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John Falcone

August 13, 2017 5:00 AM PDT


As you've probably noticed in recent days, iPhone rumor season has hit fever pitch.
The conventional wisdom is that there will be three iPhones this year instead of the traditional two. The “iPhone 7S” and “iPhone 7S Plus” would be the traditional “S phone” upgrades we get in odd-numbered years, keeping the same basic design we've seen since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, while adding some new under-the-hood hardware improvements — the requisite faster CPU and better cameras, along with (possibly) something like inductive wireless charging.

Apple may have leaked the iPhone 8 design
An image inside of firmware for Apple's HomePod speaker seemingly confirms the rumored design of the next iPhone.

by Iyaz Akhtar




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The third iPhone would be a top-of-the-line model. And thanks to that recent HomePod firmware leak, we appear to know a lot more ab..

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iPhone 8: Top 5 (Likely) Killer Specs
If you weren't paying close attention this week, you would be forgiven for thinking that the iPhone 8* had arrived, as very-real-looking iPhone 8 dummy models flooded YouTube accompanied by statements like: “We finally have it,” — as MacRumors said in …

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Wireless charging will hardly be a technical breakthrough for Apple. Phones from rivals including Samsung have featured it since 2015, as has Apple’s own smartwatch. Gadgets…

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