iPhone Buyer’s Guide 2017: What's The Best iPhone Model For You?


Michael Grothaus

13:11, 24 Jul 2017

Apple sells five different models. Which is right for you?
When it came to buying an iPhone, things used to be simple. There was essentially one model you could choose from – all you had to worry about was deciding on which storage size was the best for you.

But things have changed in the last few years. Now are there not only various models, but also various screen sizes, and wildly different internals on each model.

Matter of fact, if you walk into an Apple Store today you’ll need to decide between buying one of five different base models of iPhone – the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

That doesn’t include all the variants of storage size and colors of those models. Indeed, buying an iPhone today can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Use it to help you find which iPhone is the best for you.

2017 i..

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iPhone Gamers, Brace Yourselves for the App-ocalypse
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Apple issued a new warning after a new hacking threat. The tech giant says there is a new cyber threat, but has taken steps to thwart the attack. FOX Business Network’s Tracee Carrasco reports, “Apple has now issued a critical security patch for all iOS devices and for Mac computers against a potential hack that could come remotely via Wi-Fi.”

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“The virus is being considered a potentially serious threat,” Carrasco says, so the company is urging users to install the updates to protect their devices.

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The latest cyber threat is also a risk to Android device users, but Google has taken steps as well to block the virus.

“The vulnerability also has the potential to attack Android devices, but Google issued its own security patch earlier this month.”

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Last week we got a look at what was claimed to be the final design for the upcoming iPhone 8, and now that same source has provided us with what it claims is an updated look at the phone.

The previous report came courtesy of Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, who published a new series of iPhone 8 renders in partnership with high-end Apple accessory maker Nodus.

The images were said to be based on CAD (computer-aided design) files direct from the iPhone 8 supply chain, and now Kelly and Nodus have produced further renders.

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Kelly says he has ‘delved deeper’ into Apple’s supply chain to bring the updated renders and new details to light, claiming the company will indeed be pushing forward with a radical redesign for the next iPhone.

Claiming to show off a “finalised hardware design”, the new images show the 5.8-inch display with a reduced bezel that measures about 4mm on all sides.

That’s a rumour we’ve been hearing a lot about in the run-up to the iPh..

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The iPhone 8 isn't expected for at least another couple of months, but we may already have a good idea of what it looks like.
Pictures allegedly showing a dummy model alongside existing iPhones have been leaked onto the internet. Interestingly, they appeared on the same day as Apple's rival Samsung announced invites to its Galaxy Note 8 event .
Published by Carved Blog , they show the sleek new iPhone 8 next to existing Apple handsets, an iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus.

As can be seen, the new iPhone dramatically enlarges the screen so that it takes up almost the entire front of the phone. The famous Home button will be replaced either with a virtual one built into the screen, or another physical button on the side of the phone.
Apple has made a few other changes elsewhere as well. The camera lenses are now vertical when the phone is held in portrait mode – indicating that for best results it should be held in landscape mode.
The pictures also confirm that Apple will kee..

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iPhone 8 Exclusive: Apple's Biggest Changes Revealed
One week ago I was able to exclusively confirm the iPhone 8 design, but there wasn't a lot of detail. That changes today… Expanding upon that report I have again worked with luxury case maker Nodus to delve deeper into Apple AAPL -0.03%'s supply chain.
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Chris Matyszczyk

July 23, 2017 3:33 PM PDT


Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.
Enlarge ImageDid Xai Thao buy a defective iPhone 4S? A lawsuit alleges that was the case.
Exploding phones were all the rage after Samsung's Note 7 debacle last year.
But Samsung is hardly alone among phone makers that have seen, at one time or another, devices of their making experience a flaming event.
Often — as in the case of the Note 7 — batteries are to blame.

In a new case, indeed, insurer State Farm and one of its customers, Wisconsin resident Xai Thao, allege that one of Apple's older iPhones had a defective battery that led to a fire last year.
A lawsuit filed on Thursday by both State Farm and Thao claims that her iPhone 4S “failed” and “started a fire at Thao's home.”
The lawsuit further claims that “preliminary investigations show evidence of a significant and localized h..

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There have been some intriguing media reports on the new iPhone 8 price in recent weeks, not to mention conflicting information. It had been perpetually suggested until recently that the iPhone 8 will retail at a price in excess of $1,000. But recent reports have contradicted this, suggesting both that the smartphone could be more expensive, and also cheaper, than this price point.

Image source Nodus/BGR
Carrier discounts
Firstly, it was widely reported that the new iPhone 8 price would be reduced by the major carriers. Such big players in the market as Verizon and T-Mobile would enable iPhone consumers to pick up the next-generation smartphone for significantly less than its recommended retail price. Apple fans would be able to tie themselves in to longer deals for the smartphone, and thus purchase it at a more affordable price.

This story certainly made sense, yet Apple watcher and developer John Gruber suggested that the phone could even retail at $1,200. Gruber believes that sour..

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